Huge flag
Huge flagZionist Council in Israel

The warfare against Hamas missiles, tunnels and murderous motivation is accomplished not only with Israeli guns, tanks and bulldozers – but also via the unfurling of two giant Israeli flags, in full view of Hamas terrorists in Gaza. They represent, according to those who raised them, a sign of Israel's unflagging motivation, faith, and unity.

Dozens of members of the Zionist Council in Israel set out on Wednesday to hang the flags, plus an even larger sign reading "Together We Will Win!", on a hilltop just outside the Gaza-Israel border.

The Zionist Council, in cooperation with the World Zionist Organization, has also widely disseminated photos of Israel-supporters from around the world. The photos feature members of various Jewish communities world-wide holding a small Israeli flag and a "Together We Will Win!" sign. Tens of thousands of similar flags and signs were distributed in Israel as well, at central intersections throughout the country.

"These days are a test of national strength, friendship and unity for the Jewish People," said Yaakov Haguel of the WZO's Israel Activity Department. "We must raise our heads and look forward; we must trust those leading the warfare and believe fully that we will win in the merit of our unity and faith in the Zionist enterprise in Israel."

Flags from a distance 
Flags from a distanceZionist Council in Israel
United we'll win
United we'll winZionist Council in Israel