IDF soldiers in Operation Protective Edge
IDF soldiers in Operation Protective Edge Flash 90

Arab media reported on Monday night that a ceasefire in Gaza was imminent and could start as early as Tuesday.

According to the Lebanese-based Al Mayadeen network, the ceasefire will be signed in Cairo, when Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal arrives there.

According to the report, the agreement includes a long-term humanitarian ceasefire sponsored by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who will arrive in Israel on Tuesday.

Under the agreement, the network reported, both sides will stop the fighting and agree on the lifting of the restrictions on Gaza. However, the agreement will not stipulate when the crossings into Gaza will be opened.

It should be noted that the report has not been confirmed by any sources in Israel.

Earlier Monday, several international powers called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and for an "end to violence."

"The new dangerous cycle of violence has shown with absolute clarity the need for a ceasefire," the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement as the United States and the United Nations demanded an immediate ceasefire.

"Now we need to urgently bring an end to the suffering of peaceful Palestinians and Israelis and the destruction of civilian infrastructure," Moscow said on the 14th day of Israel's self-defense operation, Operation Protective Edge.

Hamas categorically rejected attempts for a ceasefire in multiple statements, insisting that the terms of the agreement 'did not apply' to them.

Later, Hamas officials reportedly set a series of unprecedented demands on Israel to accompany a ten-year truce - before threatening Israelis if the government refused to accept.