French newspaper Le Figaro reported Sunday that a synagogue at Sarcelles, in the Val d'Oise area of Paris, was targeted by a molotov cocktail. Flames licked the building but the fire did not take.

The incident reportedly took place Sunday during a demonstration in support of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza which had been banned by the authorities, but still managed to reel in several hundred people.

Shops were also looted, AFP reported. Dozens of protesters first broke the window of a shop and then threw rocks at police, who responded with tear gas. A funeral home, a pharmacy and a pizzeria were also vandalized. At this point, the police fired at rioters with rubber-coated bullets.

At the same time, it was reported that the police station in the town of Garges-lès-Gonesse was attacked, after some people managed to enter the premises. Police have since secured the area.

In a short video posted on Youtube, one can see dozens of people with rods or poles roam the streets of Sarcelles shouting: "Israel assassin."

Sunday's unrest in Sarcelles, north of Paris, was the second time in two days that pro-Palestinian demonstrations turned violent. The demonstration, like the one in Paris on Saturday, had been banned to ensure peace.

Tension mounted as scores of Jewish youth, some armed with iron bars, encircled a synagogue to protect it.

The rampage came hours after France honored some 13,000 Jews rounded up 72 years ago and held in a cycling stadium, before being sent to Auschwitz.