Wounded soldier rushed to hospital
Wounded soldier rushed to hospital Flash 90

The IDF will create a field hospital outside Gaza in order to treat injured Palestinians, army sources announced Sunday. Chief of Staff Benny Gantz has approved the measure.

The hospital will be located near the Erez crossing in northern Gaza, near the site of recent heavy battles. It is expected to be active by 8 p.m. Sunday.

It will be available to treat ill as well as injured patients, and will include a delivery room.

On Sunday morning, a soldier reported that he and other IDF medical staff had saved the life of a Gaza terrorist. Soldier Daniel Albo told Yediot Aharonot, “My team and I saved the life of a terrorist who tried to kill us because we are IDF soldiers and citizens of Israel. We saved him because we are human."

“I’m proud to serve in the IDF,” he concluded.

Israel has attempted to limit civilian casualties in Gaza by warning civilians to leave areas where fighting is expected. The IDF halted fire for several hours on Thursday to give Gaza residents time to evacuate safely. However, Hamas called on civilians to stay where they were, and praised "martyrs" who died as human shields.

Despite the IDF's warnings, Palestinian Arab networks say dozens have been killed in heavy fighting in the Sheijaya neighborhood of Gaza City, one of the neighborhoods which residents were warned to leave. Several relatives of Hamas commander Khalil al-Haya are reportedly among the dead.

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