Dror Hanin hy"d
Dror Hanin hy"d Courtesy of the family

Dror Hanin, 38, a married father of three from Beit Aryeh in the Shomron, was killed Tuesday by a Hamas mortar shell as he gave out gift bags to soldiers at the Erez Crossing near Gaza.

Avi Naim, Head of the Beit Aryeh Council, expressed condolences to Hanin's family and friends, and said, “The residents of Beit Aryeh are shocked at pained by the death of our friend, Dror Hanin, as he gave out gift bags to IDF soldiers near the Gaza Strip. Dror was a special person, motivated by values, who found his death while he did what he loved to do most – expressing love for his fellow man and endless giving.

"I hope that the government of Israel completely eradicates the terror threat from Gaza,” he added.

The Head of the Hof Ashkelon Local Council, Yair Farjoun, also published a statement in honor of Hanin. “In the course of the day, we managed to enjoy the graciousness, nobility of spirit and wide heart of Dror Hanin, who was killed this evening. Hand in hand with the representatives of the Council, the Director of Social Services and the emergency team of Netiv Haasara, they visited the soldiers in the community. Five minutes later, they drove to Erez Crossing which is located within the Council and sorrowfully, we received the bitter news this evening.”

Farjoun called Hanin “a hero of Israel who loved his fellow man.”

The Judea and Samaria Firefighting District eulogized Hanin, who volunteered in the local firefighting team. “He was a true fighter, imbued with the spirit of volunteering, the first to initiate and take action, dominant and active in the fire station at Beit Aryeh. Three years ago, he finished his trainng in the firefighting course for adult volunteers and he took part in various events.”

Dror was struck by a mortar shell as he gave out food and sweets to soldiers, near Erez. Emergency teams took him to Barzilai Hospital but it was too late to save him. His friend, Beit Aryeh's sceurity officer, was lightly injured.

Photos of Dror at Firefighting and Rescue Course (wearing red T-shirt in top and bottom pictures): 

Photos by Judea and Samaria Firefighting and Rescue Spokesman