Dead cows
Dead cows Youtube/Screenshot

While much of the media coverage of rocket fire on Israel has focused on long-range attacks on central Israel, footage has emerged illustrating the great economic impact of ongoing rocket attacks on the small "Gaza envelope" communities - villages and kibbutzim which have endured more than a decade of ceaseless rocket and mortar fire.

In the video, the aftermath of a rocket attack on an agricultural kibbutz on the border with Gaza can be seen; 30 cows were left dead after the shrapnel-filled rockets hit a cowshed, dealing a serious blow to the livelihood of the farmer in question, and further highlighting just how deadly such attacks would be had Israel not invested so heavily in defense systems such as bomb shelters, early-warning alarms and the Iron Dome missile defense system.

In response to the incident farmers unions have urged the government to do more to protect the livelihood of ranchers and farmers in the area.

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