RIghtwing protesters in Zion Saure
RIghtwing protesters in Zion Saure Hezky Ezra

Dozens of activists on both the right and left protested in Jerusalem's Zion Square Monday night, with the leftists calling on the government to stop its offensive against Gaza, while those on the right called to go all the way and finish off Hamas.

Police kept the two sides apart, although there were mutual catcalls and insults traded between both groups.

The right-wing protesters were led by activist Itamar Ben Gvir, who called members of the other group “traitors who are stabbing us in the back.

“The days of Jews allowing this kind of thing to pass without action are gone,” Ben Gvir added.

One activist said of the leftists that “they are demanding peace, and so are we. But there is a difference: They say that peace can be achieved only through an agreement, while we say that peace will come when the Palestinians finally recognize us as a state.”

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