Protesters in Hevron (file)
Protesters in Hevron (file) Roman Lozovsky

As Israelis were preparing for the major rocket attacks on the center of the country Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, with Hamas rockets attacking the Tel Aviv area, residents of Hevron were also preparing – by climbing on rooftops in order to observe the “rain of destruction” on Israeli cities promised by Hamas.

The Saturday night volley, which was fired at around 9 p.m., was closely covered by Palestinian Authority media. PA TV stations rebroadcast live images from Israeli TV, hoping to capture in real time a missile hit of a major Israeli target. To their disappointment, all the rockets fired Hamas either fell harmlessly in open areas, or were shot down by Iron Dome anti-missile rockets.

Despite their disappointment, Hevron residents marched and danced in the streets, calling for the destruction of Tel Aviv. Residents told PA TV how much they hated the Jews and how they wished for the total destruction of Israel.

Ironically, Hevron itself suffered from Hamas rockets. At least one rocket that was fired at Jerusalem missed and fell in a neighborhood in Hevron. No one was reported killed, but several buildings were damaged, residents said. The Iron Dome system was not activated against that missile.