Sderot factory burned by rocket
Sderot factory burned by rocketFlash 90

The government on Sunday authorized the transfer of NIS 417 million ($120 million) in economic benefits to Israeli towns in the Gaza border area. About half the money will go to Sderot.

The transfer is part of an overall government program to enhance the security of towns in the area over the next two years. The money will go to pay for immediate security needs, as well as for investment in enhanced security systems for the longer term, the government said.

The funding was put together over the past few days by Harel Locker, Director of the Prime Minister's Office, after consultations with the Ministries of the Economy, Finance, Water and Energy, Public Security, Agriculture, Housing, and Education.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stressed Sunday that the move was one of several the government was taking in order to help beleaguered communities in southern Israel. Along with the economic assistance, said Netanyahu, “the IDF will continue to operate until quiet is restored to southern communities.”