Hamas terrorists have released a Hebrew version of yet another propaganda 'scare video,' AFP reports Friday, translating the lyrics to a popular Hamas battle song calling to 'exterminate' Jews and Israel. 

The original Arabic version of "Shake Israel's Security" has long been a popular anthem of Hamas's "military wing," the Ezzedine
al-Qassam Brigades.

Now the Hebrew translation is on the brigades' YouTube site, proclaiming to a dramatic orchestral accompaniment: "Wipe out all the Zionists...burn soldiers and their bases."

"Exterminate the cockroach nest, expel all the Zionists," it exhorts.

"They are startled by death and hide behind walls and protection," the brigades' song jibes. "Rain upon them many rockets. Make their world into a horror."

Earlier this week, Hamas released two additional "scare videos" targeting Be'er Sheva and Judea-Samaria residents. 

The clips feature footage of rockets being launched from a multiple rocket launcher, and bodies being placed in an Israeli ambulance.