Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud Abbas Flash 90

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas compared the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu Khder to the Nazi extermination of millions at Auschwitz on Wednesday.

In a television interview, Abbas said: “What shall we say about Abu Khder? Shall we mention Auschwitz again?”

Earlier this year, Abbas made his strongest recorded statement on the Holocaust, when he said: "What happened to the Jews in the Holocaust is the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era." He also expressed his "sympathy with the families of the victims and many other innocent people who were killed by the Nazis.”

However, Abbas's doctoral thesis infamously claimed that the number of Jews murdered in the Holocaust is much lower than historians say. It downgraded the number of Holocaust victims to “[possibly] below one million,” and accused Zionist leaders of encouraging the persecution of Jews.

It also denied that the gas chambers were used to murder Jews, quoting a "scientific study" to that effect by French Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson.