Rockets from Gaza seen over central Israel
Rockets from Gaza seen over central IsraelFlash 90

A former resident of Gush Katif, expelled in the 2005 Disengagement plan that uprooted all Jews from Gaza under the claim of it being in Israel's "security interest," spoke to Arutz Sheva about his feelings watching the rockets from Gaza rain on Israel.

Dror Vanunu, a former resident of Neve Dekalim who now lives in Nitzan on the coast between Ashkelon and Ashdod, can see the rockets flying overhead into the central Tel Aviv region.

"What was clear to every boy and girl in Gush Katif - that the uprooting won't contribute to peace but rather the opposite - today permeates the perception of the entire Israeli public," said Vanunu.

Rockets today are being fired from the ruins of Jewish homes, emphasized Vanunu, drawing a clear connection between the absence of an Israeli presence and the flourishing of terrorism that aims to destroy Israel.

Around 50% of those expelled from Gush Katif still live in unprotected mobile homes; Vanunu noted that large cement pipes have been placed near the mobile homes, with residents rushing to enter and take cover in them, sometimes with four or five children, sometimes in the dead of night. 

Vanunu related that on Tuesday a rocket fell 150-200 meters (500-650 feet) from the mobile homes, with the impact of the blast felt in the walls of the caravans; miraculously no one was injured in the attack.

"They should apologize"

The former Gush Katif resident spoke about the "experts" who "delude" the public by claiming the Disengagement plan was strategic for Israel's security, and who continue spouting their theories even as the public slowly sobers up to the reality that uprooting Jewish communities doesn't bring peace.

"I would expect that they would apologize to the families that paid a heavy price for illusions and fantasies," stated Vanunu.

Vanunu also addressed Haaretz's Peace Conference held on Tuesday, which ironically was cut short by "Color Red" rocket warning sirens.

The conference included "ridiculous people who don't understand that the Middle East is turning into one caliphate without borders," said Vanunu. "They repeat the same words."

In the end it will be clear that Judea and Samaria are the essential security areas for residents of Israel, declared Vanunu, and then those at the peace conference will admit that the "settlers" are their defense.

"In the past, when they spoke about the possibility of returning to Gush Katif it seemed far off. Today, it's clear to me that somehow the state will understand that we were the safety belt of Israel. We took tens of thousands of rockets," said Vanunu.

"There's a community that took 150 rockets in a day, without shelters. We defended the state of Israel with our bodies, and not only did we not run, rather the population of Gush Katif grew after the Oslo War (2000 Second Intifada) by 40%," concluded the former Gush Katif resident.