Injured soldier is evacuated following traini
Injured soldier is evacuated following trainiFlash 90

The government on Sunday authorized a law that would establish a special day recognizing soldiers injured during the course of the their army service, along with Israelis injured in terror attacks. This is the first time the government is recognizing injured soldiers and citizens in an official, public way.

If the law passes, the country will set aside December 9 as the day to recognize the 100,000-some Israelis who have been injured in the course of their service since 1948. As part of the recognition, schools will institute special curricula to discuss the injured, local authorities will sponsor events to honor them, and IDF veteran associations will sponsor sports and other events. In addition, the IDF will hold events of its own.

The bill was sponsored by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Culture and Sport Minister Limor Livnat. Livnat said that “the decision is a very important one, honoring the contributions of soldiers injured during their army service, and recognizing the suffering of Israelis injured in terror attacks. The events to be held on this day will clearly show the commitment of Israel to these people, and the contributions of these groups to the security of Israel.”

The idea for a special day to honor the injured actually took root in the Negev, with several youth groups the first to hold such events. Over the years the idea was adopted by cities and towns in the region, and now the idea is “going national.”

The head of the IDF Injured Soldiers Association, Haim Bar, congratulated the government for its decision. “This is a historic move that finally brings national recognition to those who sacrificed themselves physically for the State of Israel. We thank the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture and Sport for their efforts to establish this day.”