Young Hamas recruits in Gaza
Young Hamas recruits in Gaza Flash 90

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman proposed that Israel should "consider" retaking Gaza on Sunday, noting that a "limited" operation in Judea and Samaria against Hamas could prove ineffective. 

"We have to decide whether we are going to explore the alternative of full occupation of the Gaza Strip," Liberman said, on IDF Radio's "Good Morning Israel" show. "We saw that a limited operation only strengthens Hamas in the end; the alternative is clear."

This is not the first time Liberman has suggested retaking Gaza. The Foreign Minister has proposed a full operation against Hamas there multiple times over the past year, following several periods of heavy rocket fire from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 

Liberman's comments surface less than 24 hours after Gaza terrorists rained even more rockets on Israel, with one setting fire to plastics and paint factories in the southern city of Sderot Saturday. Four workers managed to escape the factories before they were set ablaze, police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld told AFP

The IAF responded Saturday night by striking nine terror targets in Gaza. Since Operation Brother's Keeper began seventeen days ago, no fewer than 23 rockets from Gaza have hit Israel, an IDF spokesperson noted Sunday.