Danny Danon
Danny DanonFlash 90

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud) issued a sharp condemnation of the "shameful" attacks against Israel at Tuesday's UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) hearing, which was attended by the mother of kidnapped teen Naftali Frenkel. 

"Hypocrisy has a limit, but no shame!" Danon fired. "[Russian President Vladimir] Putin would tear through village after village if a Russian boy was kidnapped [by terrorists], but when it comes to Israel, they demand we continue our daily routine."

"The UNHRC is more worried about the rights of terrorists than Israeli teenagers kidnapped on their way home from school," he added.

Earlier Tuesday, the UNHRC skewered Israel at a meeting to discuss the operation to find the boys, in a hearing comprised almost entirely of anti-Israel testimonies.

Wild accusations made included claims that Israel is occupying both Syria and Lebanon, that Israel imprisons Palestinian children and the elderly, and a pro-Palestinian NGO's claim that Israel has "kidnapped Palestinian mothers" in comments just after the emotional speech of the mother of kidnapped teen Naftali Frenkel. 

While the UNHRC was met with a considerable amount of outrage, Danon's comparison to the Russian-Ukraine conflict may prove controversial.

Russia has been accused multiple times of facilitating the armed takeover of eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists, and the West has expressed strong support for Kiev's side of the conflict.