French police arrest one of the attackers
French police arrest one of the attackers Youtube

Footage from Paris shows the moment pro-Israel march came under attack by anti-Israel extremists.

The rally was held to call for the release of three Israeli teenagers kidnapped by the Hamas terrorist group. People can be seen first fleeing the attack - which involved flares being hurled at Israel supporters - and then surging back to chase the attackers. 

Police intervened, however, and can be seen making at least one arrest.

Violent anti-Semitism in France is a growing problem, with many Jews there unable to publicly display their Judaism or support for Israel for fear of coming under attack.

The success of the far-right National Front party, coupled with the rise of militant Islam in the European country - which has the largest Muslim population of any non-Muslim country - has alarmed the French Jewish community, with increasing numbers turning to self-defense initiatives or leaving the country altogether as authorities stand accused of not clamping down on anti-Semitism.