One week after he was abducted by terrorists along with two younger teens, a video has emerged showing 19-year-old Eyal Yifrah taking part in a school play back in his high school days - where he was cast in the role of a rescuer freeing two captive classmates.

Footage from the performance, a spoof which Eyal took part in while studying at the "Darchei Noam" High School Yeshiva in Petah Tikva, was uploaded by the kidnapped teen's friends, who wrote that they hope to see him again soon safe and sound.

"May he return home again, we don't need anything other than that. Yifrah our dear brother! We're waiting for you at home and expecting your return soon! Miss you - your friends from class," wrote Eyal's friends in the video description.

The Hebrew video starts with one of the captives asking a would-be rescuer "are you here to free me?"

"First of all I want you to shut your mouth, let's start with that," replies the rescuer, who appears in no rush to help the two out despite their pleas for him to hurry up.

Eyal can be seen jumping to the rescue armed with a roll of bread, only to be told "freeze! Without netilat yadaim (ritual washing of the hands before eating bread)? Come on."

After the rescuer says the blessings over washing his hands and eating bread, Eyal shoves the bread roll into his mouth and proceeds to free the two "captives," humorously waking the second one who was dozing with a banana in his mouth, and informing them that they slept through the entire Shabbat.

Asked by one of the freed captives if he knows the other, Eyal says "in this play, everyone knows everyone."

They conclude by arguing over how they'll get back home - whether on bus line 82, 47, tremping (hitchhiking) or by foot, which they finally settle on due to the complaints of one of the captives.

Eyal was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists  along with Gidon Shaar and Gilad Frenkel, while the three were waiting at a hitchhiking station near Kfar Etzion in Judea. The severe lack of public transportation in the region has made hitchhiking a necessary way of life for those living in the area.

The video is the latest one to emerge of Yifrah - known by his peers as an outgoing and fun-loving character.

Eyal is also a talented musician, with previous videos showing him singing a song he composed for a friend, and playing the guitar and singing a self-composed song at his cousin's wedding.