Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettFlash90

Economics Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday night said that the terrorists who kidnapped three Israeli teens would soon realize what a mistake they made. “We will find the people who planned, carried out, and assisted this kidnapping,” Bennett said. “Israel is very strong, the perpetrators should not get the wrong idea.”

“The security forces are working with intelligence services to find the kidnapped teens and their kidnappers,” Bennett said in an interview on Channel Two.

Bennett's interviewer pressed him on whether or not he would agree to release terrorists in exchange foe the three missing teens. Bennett said that doing so would only guarantee more kidnappings. “You kidnap an Israeli and get back one, a hundred, or a thousand terrorists, sometimes just in exchange for the bodies,” said Bennett. “The other side has to feel pain and realize that we will get to the planners and executors of this action.

“Right now the government is planning a series of actions that will be taken against those involved that will ensure that the understand that these actions are not in their best interests. We also must figure out ways to prevent the next kidnapping,” Bennett said. “We are very strong, and we will show them a fist of steel for this crime.

“There is a good side and a bad side here, and we are the good,” Bennett added.

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