Besides the uncertainty, pain and foreboding that accompany the search for three youths abducted Thursday night, Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria have had to deal with a considerable amount of criticism from the left-wing, by people who think the missing yeshiva boys themselves are to blame for their plight, because they "insisted" on hitchhiking at night in an area teeming with hostile Arab residents.

Avia Weiss, 18, of Samaria, is tired of hearing this, and he lashed out at the critics in a personal opinion spot on Walla News: "Aren't you guys ashamed to blame the victim? Are you guys crazy? Youths are to blame for the abduction because they hitched a ride at night? How did such discourse become legitimate again?

"If someone said that a woman who was raped was to blame because she dressed in an immodest way, you'd all be screaming that such discourse has no legitimacy. And you'd be right! Since when is the victim to blame?"

Weiss explained that he had reached the Walla News studio by hitching rides from his home – because he had no choice. Public transportation is lacking in Judea and Samaria, he said, and youths have no alternative but to hitch rides in order to get about.

He added that many more Israelis had been murdered by terrorists in bus bombs than in hitchhiking situations -- yet residents of Israel's large urban centers have not stopped riding the bus. “So don't preach morality to us about hitching rides, and save the blame for the only people guilty in this case – the Palestinian abductors.”

The video has proven very popular on Facebook, garnering thousands of "likes."