IDF searches for kidnapped yeshiva students
IDF searches for kidnapped yeshiva students Flash90

Central Command Chief, Major General Nitzan Alon called the mayors of various Judea and Samaria communities on Saturday night to provide updates on the search for three abducted yeshiva students, stating that there are "long, hard days" ahead. 

According to Alon, security sources had been searching for the boys constantly since Friday morning, and the assumption is that the teens are still alive. 

The rescue operation would not necessarily be easy, he emphasized. 

"We are waiting for long, hard days, ahead," he stated. "Most of the work is being done by members of security forces; for now there is no set of special instructions for Judea and Samaria residents." 

Alon did praise the efforts of Judea and Samaria residents to help in the search, however. Hundreds of people have reportedly volunteered to help the IDF effort and many solidarity rallies are currently being held across the region for the boys.

"It is heartwarming to see the aid and volunteerism in Judea and Samaria from the residents for the IDF and security forces on the ground," Alon said.