Checking cars near Hevron
Checking cars near Hevron Flash90

A senior security official stated to Channel 10 Saturday that Israel's various security agencies have been mobilizing and training to rescue the three kidnapped yeshiva students in the event that they are still alive. 

The official, who has requested anonymity, stated that the operation will "not be overnight" and that "there are long days and nights ahead." 

Several Cabinet ministers are due to be briefed later this evening on the operation.

Thousands of soldiers have been stationed in Hevron and in Judea and Samaria since the kidnapping was first reported, and hundreds of arrests and searches have reportedly taken place in the Palestinian Authority to find leads on the boys and their kidnappers. 

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz confirmed that "there is no doubt" the boys were kidnapped by terrorists. 

Earlier Saturday, the entire Paratroopers' Brigade arrived in Hevron and has been engaging in an intensive search for the boys. 

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