Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terroristsFlash 90

A masked Arab terrorist opened fire on Friday morning, targeting IDF Border Patrol soldiers stationed at an IDF checkponit near Bitunia. The area is near Ramallah in Samaria, just north of Jerusalem.

No injuries were reported among the IDF soldiers.

IDF and Israeli police forces began searching after the terrorist suspect, who fled the scene in a vehicle that was waiting for him, suggesting a well planned attack. He reportedly arrived on the scene in the same vehicle.

In the area eight bullet casings for an M-16 automatic rifle were found.

The attack is suspected as possibly being an act of retaliation over the deaths of two Arab protesters at the Bitunia checkpoint on May 15, where they took part in "Nakba (Catastrophe) Day" riots in which 150 local Arabs besieged nearby Ofer Prison, throwing rocks and burning tires at police and soldiers.

A Palestinian Authority (PA) institute on Wednesday conducted an autopsy on the body of one of the protesters, and alleged he was killed by a live bullet.

Arab activists and radical leftists released a CCTV video they claimed showed the two being shot by the IDF as they walked in the area, which the IDF has brushed off as being doctored, noting that only rubber bullets were used in the riots.

Nevertheless, a non-combat IDF soldier was suspended two weeks ago over allegedly shooting a rubber bullet around the same time the first rioter is seen collapsing on CCTV footage. Haaretz reports over the suspension added there was no proof the shot killed the rioter.

The claims against the IDF on the basis of filmed footage has been showed as less than reliable by blogger Elder of Ziyon, who released some more of the CCTV that was not released initially by the leftist groups and Arab activists.

In one section of the video, the two rioters are seen falling but not a drop of blood is left behind, despite the claims that they were shot by bullets that went through their bodies. In both cases the collapsed rioters are removed, and leave behind perfectly clean pavement.