Abu Ghosh resident after 'price tag' (file)
Abu Ghosh resident after 'price tag' (file) Flash 90

Israeli prosecutors have charged two Israeli youths with a racially-motivated "price tag" attack in 2013 on dozens of Arab-owned vehicles in the village of Abu Ghosh just outside Jerusalem, the justice ministry said on Monday.

During the incident in June last year, the tires of 34 cars were punctured and racist slogans were scrawled on a wall in Abu Ghosh, an Arab-Israeli village west of Jerusalem.

A statement from ministry said Aryeh Pearl, a 21-year-old from the town of Yitzhar in northern Samaria, was charged with vandalism of property and cars with a racist motive at Jerusalem District Court on Monday.

The second suspect, whose identity could not be divulged since he was a minor at the time of the attack, was indicted on the same charges on Sunday at Jerusalem juvenile court, the ministry said.

According to the indictments, the suspects scrawled Hebrew graffiti on a wall reading: "Arabs out," and: "Racism or assimilation."

Abu Ghosh is a village known for its good relations with Israel's Jewish majority which tends to attracts hordes of Israelis to its restaurants famed for their hummus and grilled meats.

"Price tag" refers to vandalism and other acts of criminal damage carried out by Jewish extremists, usually against Arab-owned property. The attacks are often - though not always - carried out in "revenge" for terrorist attacks against Jews, and have also occasionally targeted security forces' property in response to demolitions of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. But recent months have seen an uptick in such incidents, including against Christian sites - part of a spillover of tensions over a continued dispute over the David's Tomb complex in Jerusalem.