Former Israeli National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror gave a pessimistic forecast on Sunday, when he told the annual Herzliya Conference that Israel will “continue to live by the sword” for the foreseeable future.

"During the Third Lebanon War we will have no choice but to strike civilians who live above the rocket launching facilities," he said. ''We’ll have to say it openly, and the world cannot come to us with complaints.”

“You don’t prevent Hezbollah from forming a state within a state, you don’t prevent them from gathering arms and deploying among civilian population, so you cannot blame us when there are civilian casualties. We have shown evidence of this to the UN and the Red Cross and they did not do anything,” said Amidror.

“We will continue to live by the sword even if we do not use it,” he continued, revealing that there are about 50 thousand missiles and rockets in Lebanon, and that Israel has no way to remove this threat.

“The Sudanese threat that focuses on the Sinai Peninsula is another threat [Israel faces],” he said. “Our success in dealing with it in Judea and Samaria is tremendous. We have created a deterrence in Gaza, but it will not last forever,” predicted Amidror.

He said that Israel might ultimately have to be the one to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and added that Israel must also work to destroy Hezbollah’s capability to launch rockets towards it.

"The potential of Iran becoming a nuclear power and not only the realization has to be prevented. This burden could ultimately fall on Israel’s shoulders,” said Amidror. ''It is important to destroy Hezbollah’s infrastructure because Hezbollah is no longer as it once was and it will be difficult for them to rebuild. Failing to prevent Hezbollah from firing rockets at Israeli civilians will result in many casualties,” he warned.

Amidror concluded his speech by rejecting recent reports that Israel was spying on the United States.

“I want to say here on this public stage: Israel does not spy on the United States, this is a baseless and irresponsible claim,” he said.