Yehuda Glick, a prominent leader of the Temple Mount movement, was assaulted Sunday by a Muslim woman who threw her shoe at him. In response, he took her shoe.

Glick, who heads the LIBA Movement for Freedom of Movement on the Temple Mount, ascended to the Temple Mount as the guide for a group of Jews, as he often does. As always, the gorup first immersed in a mikveh and made sure not to walk in sections of the Mount that are expressly forbidden to Jews.

A group of Muslim women, who Temple activists say were hired by Hamas to interfere with Jewish tours of the Mount, sat near the place where the group was standing, when suddently, one of them took off her shoe and threw it at Glick. His instincts prevailed, however, and he caught the shoe a split second before it hit his eyes.

In the embedded video, Glick tells the tale and explains why he refuses to give the shoe back to its former owner.