Dr. Joseph Frager
Dr. Joseph Frager ערוץ 7

With just a few days to go until the 21st Annual Israel Day Concert in New York's Central Park, executive producer Dr. Joseph Frager shared with Arutz Sheva his excitement over what will likely be an impressive show of strength by pro-Israel Americans.

In particular, the appearance of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) - a possible presidential candidate for the Republican party - is being seen as a major coup by event organizers.

Frager described Cruz as "probably the best and most pro-Israel senator and political figure of today," noting that the lawmaker had cancelled other important arrangements specifically to attend the concert in a show of solidarity with Israel.

Other prominent figures set to address the event - which Frager described as as much a political rally as a musical performance - include former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton and Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon.

Dr. Frager insisted that showcasing the strength of the pro-Israel, American-Jewish public was important because "American Jewry is vital to the security of Israel" - particularly when helping to make the case for continued US support for the Jewish state on vital security issues such as Iran."

"If you don't have a strong America then Israel will be left on its own," he said.

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