Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar
Interior Minister Gideon Sa'arFlash 90

Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar (Likud) participated on Wednesday in the annual Jerusalem Day Flag Dance (“rikud dgalim”), where he stated that Jerusalem will never again be divided.

"Jerusalem is the beating, living heart of the Jewish people and when I say Jerusalem, I mean all parts of the city - the city of David, Har Homa and Gilo, the Mount of Olives and Ramat Shlomo, the Old City, Pisgat Ze’ev and of course the Temple Mount,” he said.

"Jerusalem is indivisible. And Jerusalem will not be divided. Jerusalem will always remain under Israeli sovereignty. There will be no withdrawals from the land of Israel will. Not unilateral withdrawals nor any other ones,” declared Sa’ar.

The message echoes that of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s, who spoke earlier Wednesday at the annual Jerusalem Day ceremony.

"Jerusalem was unified 47 years ago and it will never be redivided," Netanyahu said. "Since that day, Jerusalem has developed; it is prosperous and flourishing."

Netanyahu committed, in his remarks, to keep focused on Jerusalem's future - despite international and leftist pressure to undermine its importance.

Several left-wing MKs - particularly from Meretz - have voiced criticism over an initiative to make Jerusalem Day a national holiday. Netanyahu fired back at the criticism, stating that the day has a high level of historical significance.

"I have heard that there are those who would like to cancel today as a national holiday," Netanyahu noted. "I say that this is not just a national holiday; this is a historic, national miracle. The Jewish People will always see to the rebuilt and greater Jerusalem."