Evyatar Borovsky's widow and children (file)
Evyatar Borovsky's widow and children (file)Samaria Residents' Council

On Jerusalem Day (Wednesday), the family and friends of terror victim Evyatar Borovsky Hy''d are to march from the site at Tapuach Junction in Samaria where he was stabbed to death by an Arab terrorist a year ago, to "Evyatar Outpost," a community established in his honor nearby.

Last Jerusalem Day, Borovsky, who was a popular actor of the Erel Group and father of five, planned to perform for children in Samaria at the Tapuach Junction. His performance was meant to relate the miraculous victory of the 1967 Six Day War that liberated Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

A week before the planned event, Borovsky was murdered by an Arab terrorist at the Junction. His murderer was sentenced to life in prison plus an extra 20 years last November. Evyatar's widow Tzofia decried the sentence, saying "the only legitimate sentence in my eyes is the death sentence."

After the initial mourning period ended, Evyatar's friend initiated a march to "Evyatar Outpost" which was attended by hundreds of residents and supporters. It was decided to continue the tradition this year as well.

The Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council, Samaria Residents' Council, Kfar Tapuach secretariat and the theater ensemble, which Evyatar was a member of and which adopted his nickname "Napo" as its name, prepared for the march to be held at 4 p.m.

At the Tapuach Junction, where the march is to begin, an IDF exhibition will be held.

After the march arrives at "Evyatar Outpost," public figures are scheduled to talk, and friends of Evyatar will talk about his life. Evyatar's actor friends will also hold a theater performance called "the Jerusalem experience."

"May we fill all these hills with millions of Jews"

In last year's march Gershon Mesika, head of the Samaria Regional Council, spoke at the event and referenced the Biblical prophecy that in the days of the Messiah, Jerusalem will expand and stretch as far as Damascus.

"This will be King George Street," said Mesika at "Evyatar Outpost" during the event, naming a central Jerusalem street to express how large Jerusalem is to become, and encouraging Jews to settle and develop the area.

Yossi Dagan, deputy head of the Samaria Regional Council, also spoke at the event, saying that in meeting the bereaved family "we came and saw the humanity and the pain, but also the great faith."

"Jerusalem Day is also Samaria Day, because the same day Jerusalem was liberated, Samaria was liberated," noted Dagan of the Six Day War which unified the capital and liberated Samaria from Jordanian occupation.

Dagan made a pledge "that in this place so close to where a Jewish life was taken, there will be many Jewish lives...may we merit to fill all of these hills with millions of Jews."

Video from last year's event can be seen here (in Hebrew):