Weinstein and Golan
Weinstein and Golan Courtesy: May Golan

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein says he is willing to come and live in southern Tel Aviv, in order to experience firsthand the plight of local residents, whose neighborhoods have been suffering from a crime wave ever since illegal immigrants flooded them several years ago.

May Golan, who has emerged as the most prominent activist for southern Tel Aviv's veteran residents, approached Weinstein at the annual Bar Association conference in Eilat on Tuesday, where she was one of the speakers. “I decided to approach the Attorney General, Mr. Yehuda Weinstein, and tell him about the pain of the residents of the state of soithern Tel Aviv,” wrote Golan on her Facebook page, “and do you know what he told me when I finished talking to him?”

"That he is willing to come live next to me and experience what I told him about. Do you think he'll come? I certainly hope so.”

The stream of illegal immigrants who entered Israel from Africa in the past decade was effectively blocked when Israel completed its southern border fence last year, but an estimated 100,000 illegals remaiin inside Israel, and deporting them has proved difficult. The state has built special holding facilities where some of the illegals are being detained, but media-savvy leftist organizations have been organizing the immigrants to protest their detention.

Riot in Holot

Twelve illegal immigrants who were brought to the Holot detention facility in the Negev last week refused to go to the rooms they were assigned to and demanded that an entire wing in the center be opened up for their use. About 500 detainees joined this protest overnight, and large forces of police and wardens arrived on the scene, and conducted a dialogue with the protesters. The protest ended at about 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, when all of the infiltrators went back to their rooms. There was no use of force against the illegals although they caused light damage to some objects in the facility.

"The disturbance of the peace by the infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan does not surprise me in the least,” Golan told Arutz Sheva. “They do not respect or obey any law in Israel, so why should they start now? This is another action that we are receiving courtesy of the radical leftist groups, which encourage the infiltrators to break the law in Israel and violently demand rights that they do not deserve, in order to settle in a country that they entered illegally from the outset.

"These lawbreakers must not be allowed to continue to be rewarded for illegally crossing the border into a country that is not theirs, and the detention centers must be enlarged,” Golan added. “The bluff, according to which these are 'refugees,' must be exposed. There are no refugees in Israel, only illegal infiltrators, who came here purely for work and economic reasons.”

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