Mohammed Badie
Mohammed BadieReuters

Mohammed Badie, the spiritual leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, claimed during his trial that his movement was not against Egypt but only against the Jews.

Footage from the trial was posted to the internet and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Badie faces charges that include inciting violence during a Brotherhood sit-in at Cairo University in mid-July. He is one of 683 members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were recently sentenced to death in a mass trial.

“Never have we responded to violent attacks against us with violence. We are commanded to spread Allah's mercy through peaceful means,” Badie claimed during the trial.

“We have fought only against the Jews, and Kamel Al-Sharif may testify about the conduct of the Muslim Brotherhood in the [1948] war in Palestine. We fought against the Jews. The Israeli strategic research institute wrote in a report: ‘Our greatest enemies in the world are the Muslim Brotherhood.’ This is an honor for us, yet now we are being accused of conspiring with Hamas against the Egyptian people. This is an absolute lie,” he said.

“Beware of being used in this political conflict, the likes of which we have not seen in the entire history of Egypt. Such crimes, killings, and bloodshed have not occurred in the history of Egypt,” said Badie.

“Let me tell you, Allah knows that we are innocent of all these accusations. Our evidence will be decisive, because Allah defends those who believe,” he declared.