Shelly Dadon Hy''d
Shelly Dadon Hy''d Courtesy of the Dadon Family

A cousin of Shelly Dadon, the 19-year-old from Afula who was murdered on May 1 after while on her way to a job interview, on Tuesday called on Israelis to speak up and call on the government to ensure such murders do not happen again.

The cousin, Assaf Sarid, spoke to Arutz Sheva a day after hundreds of Afula residents held a protest in the city.

The protesters, who were equipped with red ribbons and flyers, called on the government to toughen the punishment for murderers, whether the murders were of a nationalistic or a criminal background.

Police continue to investigate Dadon’s murder and, while at first saying it was terror-related, said earlier this week that the investigation has gone back to the starting point, and security forces remain in the dark even as to the motive.

"Young boys and girls are being murdered here, and a few days later they are forgotten,” Sarid told Arutz Sheva. “[IDF soldier] Eden Atias was murdered six months ago and the Arab killer became a hero. Soon they will forget the murder of Shelly Dadon and the murderers are still walking free. A girl was slaughtered on her way to a job interview, and the state ignores it.”

He called on the media to stop dealing so much with the so-called “price tag” vandalism attacks and talk about murders of Jews.

"Shelly was an angel, everyone in Afula knew her smile,” said Sarid, adding, “Minister Aharonovitch said that there were developments in the investigation, but for now the murderers are walking free. The media is more interested in price tag, this is a disgrace. Scrawling graffiti on a mosque is awful, but do not compare it to a slaughter of a Jewish girl!”

He warned that the residents of Afula would not rest until the murders stop.

“We have become indifferent to the murder of Jews. Who remembers that Eden Atias was murdered here six months ago? We have yet to hear an Arab MK condemning Shelly’s murder. Shelly was an angel. Her family is heartbroken, she was the youngest daughter. But our politicians are not interested, they are only interested in their own affairs.”