SCiOConsumer Physics

 Have you ever wondered what is really in the food we eat, or the air we breathe? 

What about the difference between two different types of fabrics or brands of aluminum foil? 

An Israeli company has dared to explore the mystery of modern surroundings - and put the tools to measure the molecular structure of any object in the hands of every smartphone user worldwide. 

Meet SCiO, a tiny molecular sensor which syncs with any smartphone to instantly scan and spit back useful information about any physical object. The project is the brainchild of a Kickstarter campaign by Tel Aviv-based Consumer Physics, which has raised over $1.6 million in financial support in a matter of weeks. 

How does it work? The device includes an optical sensor, called a spectrometer, that collects the light reflected from a scan of the object and sends data, via Bluetooth and the smartphone app, to a cloud server. Within seconds, an analysis is delivered back to the user with relevant information. 

SciO in action.
SciO in action.Consumer Physics

The promotional video showcases the many practical uses the device could have for the everyday user, including determining a meal's nutritional value, whether or not a food is ripe, and whether or not someone is dehydrated. 

Apps for food scans
Apps for food scansConsumer Physics

Each is determined through various apps offered in the umbrella app for the device, with options for more apps to be added after SCiO is launched. SCiO will begin shipping in December, according to the product's campaign page.