A new video demonstrates the change to IDF troop morale following the protest supporting David Adamov, dubbed "David the Nahlawi (Nahal soldier)," who was arrested the same day he was videotaped by Arab youths in Hevron cocking his weapon in response to a threatening situation.

The viral Facebook campaign supporting David has garnered over 130,000 "likes," and sparked strong reactions from MKsa nod from an army official, and several demonstrations. 

Hebrew-language 0404 News, which first broke David's story, reported a new video on Tuesday, showing two incidents from last weekend in which soldiers can be seen confronting Arab provocateurs and cameramen with a sense of confidence and security. Soldiers have hailed a "change" in the IDF.

The video, which clearly starts in the middle of an altercation, shows soldiers removing Arab provocateurs and cameraman from a road they were standing in. At one point the Arab provocateur asks the soldier for his name, to which he responds his name is "gever," a term in Hebrew for "a guy," but with the connotation of "a real man."

At another point, the Arab provocateur responds aggressively to something a soldier apparently said, asking "what did you say?" The soldier answers "I said be healthy, have a good day."

In another incident that followed complaints by Jewish residents of a possible stone throwing confrontation, a soldier faces off with Arab provocateurs near their house, saying "go inside your home, this is our territory, get out of here."

"I can stand where I want and when I want, that's the law," the Arab man says, to which the soldier responds "great, shut up now. Did you throw stones?"

After a local Jewish female resident explains to the soldier what took place, the soldier can be seen telling her "OK, next time film it. If we would have known we would have broken their cameras." Later he is seen turning to the provocateurs, saying "we came to defend Jews, that's our role, not to defend you."

"There's a smell of change in the air"

The incidents appear to show that the attempt to demoralize Israeli soldiers by staging provocations may have finally backfired, as "David the Nahlawi's" plight triggered widespread sympathy and rallied the Israeli public - and elected officials - behind the armed forces.

A soldier, serving in the Beit El region of Samaria and active in the nearby Arab town of Jelazoun, told 0404 "we feel the support. It's something that hasn't been in the IDF in recent years."

"There's a smell of change in the air, and there's no doubt that this way it's easier for us to conduct our missions. We need to continue defending all the soldiers; we need backing from Israeli citizens," remarked the soldier.

Residents of Jelazoun - known as a hotbed of Arab extremism - have been involved in several violent attacks on nearby Jewish towns and villages.

In March, Arab terrorists, likely from Jelazoun, opened fire on a house in the town of Beit El, north of Jerusalem. Just a week earlier terrorists threw a firebomb at the community in broad daylight, after a similar attack the day before when an IDF soldier was also wounded by rock throwers near Jelazoun.

Beit El residents responded to the constant attacks in mid-March, protesting and stating "if the IDF ends this violence, that would be fine, but if it finds its powers limited we will do it ourselves."

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