Laser pointer (illustration)
Laser pointer (illustration)Thinkstock

A Jew driving Sunday on Highway 60 in Samaria, near the community of Ofra, nearly ended up crashing due to what appears to possibly be a new technique of Arab terrorism.

The driver reports that an Arab motorist came up next to his car, and used a laser to try and blind him and cause him to lose control of the vehicle.

"He came up next to me and aimed the laser at my face for several long seconds," the driver told Arutz Sheva.

"He tried to divert my view from the road so that I would crash. By a miracle I managed to's clear that he tried to kill me," reported the driver.

While there have been many tragic cases of Israeli motorists having rocks thrown at their cars, the use of a laser appears to be a new danger to be wary of.

In one case in September 2011, Arab terrorists threw a large stone on an Israeli car near Hevron, which hit the driver Asher Palmer in the face, causing him to lose control of the car. Asher was killed along with his baby son Yonatan, who was two days shy of his first birthday.