Tomer Hazan Hy"d
Tomer Hazan Hy"d Courtesy of the family

Nadal Amar and Nour Al-din Amar were convicted Wednesday by a Samaria military court for the kidnapping and murder of IDF First Sergeant Tomer Hazan Hy''d, who was handcuffed and strangled to death with his own belt by Nadal last September.

Nadal plead guilty to the murder, and was convicted of kidnapping and murdering the soldier, along with being in Israel illegally and disrupting court proceedings, reports Walla!.

An indictment was filed against a restaurant owner in Bat Yam in January for illegally employing Nadal. It was at the restaurant that Nadal met co-worker Hazan and tricked him into coming to visit his village in Samaria, before strangling him to death in an open field and hiding his body in a water hole.

The military prosecution demanded a life sentence for murdering the soldier, in addition to appropriate punishment for the other charges.

Nour Al-din, Nadal's brother and a Fatah terrorist who is currently serving a 29-year sentence, similarly pled guilty and was convicted of being an accomplice in the kidnapping and murder. 

Pleas regarding the terms of punishment will be heard in later proceedings. Further, two additional suspects involved in the case will similarly be tried by the military court.

Nadal apparently killed Hazan to bargain for Nour Al-din's release in exchange for the soldier's body. Prior to the murder, Nadal had passed a message via official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV to Nour Al-din in jail, revealing his intentions to kidnap a soldier for his release.

Aside from freeing his terrorist brother, Nadal appeared to have financial motives as well. An unnamed terrorist organization reportedly offered him 5 million shekels ($1.4 million) to carry out the terrorist attack.

The revelation contradicts statements by Nadal from late last October claiming that he was "unaware of his actions" when he murdered Hazan.