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A 22-year-old pregnant woman from the Samaria community of Yitzhar was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of incitement. Police claimed that a search of her home yielded incitement materials, and that she has been taken to the Judea and Samaria police for interrogation.

According to the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot, the woman wrote, in the course of an internal online debate between residents, “I am in favor of throwing rocks at Jews (of course, as for Arabs, it goes without saying) in certain situations – even if the rock causes the death of a soldier!”

Another resident allegedly said that there is “no halakhic problem in killing a soldier during a nighttime eviction” since halakha permits a person to kill a burglar because of the danger he poses.

According to the newspaper, the discussion in an e-mail group called 'Yitzharniks' was forwarded by one of the participants to police and IDF Central Command, which began investigating. The report hinted that there would be additional arrests.

Yitzhar spokesman Ezri Tuvi said that “We have denounced this kind of talk in the past, and will do so in the future. This involves a minor and a woman, whose emotions caused their tongues to slip and who have already taken back what they said. On the other hand, we demand that the media fully denounce all talk of violence, and incitement to hatred and physical harm, against the settler public.”

The woman is in her eigth month of pregnancy. 

A relative of hers said: "It is delusional that the Israel Police grab a woman in advanced pregnancy from her home before dawn, on suspicion of an offense from a month ago. The persecution of Yitzhar's women in recent days indicates that someone in the establishment has lost his sanity.”

Finance Minister Yair Lapid, who heads the Yesh Atid party, said Wednesday in reaction that “Words easily turn into deeds, and some of Yitzhar's residents have already proven that they have no limits or red lines. A threat to harm IDF soldiers is an action against the state's sovereignty and against a hallowed basic value of the State of Israel.”

He called for an immediate investigation and for taking action against the suspects.