Memorial Day
Memorial DayFlash90

The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel on Sunday petitioned the Tel Aviv Municipality, demanding that it act to prevent an “alternative Memorial Day service” in the city Sunday night. The event, called “Fighting for Peace,” seeks to “connect and equate the sacrifices of soldiers who fought and died to defend Israel with the murderous terrorists who killed them.”

The event, sponsored by radical leftist groups, “denies the entire idea of Memorial Day,” the Forum wrote in a letter to Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai. “It will not, as the group sponsoring the event claims, 'relate to the loss and mourning on both sides,' and instead will trumpet the organization's goals of establishing a Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital.”

According to the Forum, the event violates national and city statutes, which require all ceremonies to honor IDF soldiers who fell in battle, or Israelis killed in terror attacks. It does not provide for an “equivalency” event, the Forum said.

In its letter, the Forum added that “the Tel Aviv Convention Center, where this event it supposed to take place, is owned by the city, and as such the city is giving its blessing to the event, using public money to support it. Besides being a violation of the law, it is unworthy, to say the least, to hold this event, especially on the day we remember our fallen.”