"I stand with the Nahal soldier."
"I stand with the Nahal soldier." Courtesy of 0404 news site.

Throngs of people have gathered outside the Kirya, a main IDF building outside of Tel Aviv's Azrieli Mall, in support for "David the Nahalawi." 

Protestors are reportedly singing the song "David, Melech Yisrael" (trans: "David, King of Israel") and waving Israeli flags.

According to eyewitnesses, several demonstrators have donned IDF uniforms despite not being active soldiers. 

Public backlash against the Israeli government and IDF has snowballed, after a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Hevron Arabs harassing a soldier.

At least one of the teens, who allied with leftist organizations to show the video as an example of "Israeli aggression," was arrested and then released by IDF forces on Thursday night. 

Meanwhile, the Facebook campaign for the soldier in the video, "David the Nahal Soldier," has garnered over 117,000 "likes" and sparked at least one major protest. 

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