Foreign leftists at protest (file)
Foreign leftists at protest (file) Flash90

Hevron-Kiryat Arba Local Council Chairman, Malachi Levinger, sharply criticized the Israeli government's tolerance of extreme leftist organizations on Friday, after national uproar has snowballed against their role in the "David the Nahalawi" case. 

"Leftist organizations create an atmosphere [of hate] against the IDF and Israel," Levinger stated, in a special interview with Arutz Sheva. He called on security forces to crack down on European anarchists flooding into Palestinian Authority (PA) areas to participate in anti-Israel activity. 

Radical leftists have already flooded Hevron, Levinger said, and are working to sow discord between the IDF and local Palestinian Arabs.

"They arrive here with one aim - to hurt our sovereignty in our homeland and constrict our options," Levinger fired. "We need to deport 'Peace Now' and 'Breaking the Silence' activists, because without them Hevron was quiet."

IDF soldiers have difficulty dealing with the extreme leftist organizations, who organize violent protests outside the IDF's normal range of training.

"I know the local population and I see the activity of anarchists in Hevron and the surrounding area; they come here to weaken the State of Israel," Levinger said. "Today there is almost free movement of Palestinians and almost no roadblocks; unfortunately, 97% of Hevron is specifically banned to Jews - so they [leftists] have nothing to complain about."

"If not for the anarchists we would have quiet here," he added.

Public backlash against the Israeli government and IDF has snowballed, after a video was uploaded to YouTube showing Hevron Arabs harassing a soldier. At least one of the teens, who allied with leftist organizations to show the video as an example of "Israeli aggression," was arrested and then released by IDF forces on Thursday night. 

Meanwhile, the Facebook campaign for the soldier in the video, "David the Nahal Soldier," has garnered over 115,000 "likes" and sparked at least one major protest. Another protest, outside a major Army headquarters in Tel Aviv, is planned for Friday afternoon.

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