Filipina workers
Filipina workers Screenshot

Filipina nursing workers are among the women terrorized by illegal immigrant workers who entered Israel illegally in recent years, an activist reveals. May Golan, the leading activist for repatriating the large numbers of illegal workers who currently live in Tel Aviv's low-income neighborhoods.

Golan uploaded to Youtube Tuesday a Hebrew-language interview she had conducte with three Filipina nursing workers.

The three told story after story of walking down the street and being groped by the Eritran or Sudanese workers. They described their sense of shock and rage after being touched in intimate spots without any reason or provocation. They added that police do nothing against phenomena like these.

At the end of the inerview, Golan turns to the camera and opines: “These are the true refugees.” She addresses the New Israel Fund and leftist NGOs, and asks – “Where are you? Here are prople withthout rights. Where are you? These are the real refugees in Southern Tel Aviv. Come contribute to them instead of all of your lies.”

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