Obama laying a wreath at Yad V'shem, March 20
Obama laying a wreath at Yad V'shem, March 20 Flash90

US President Barack Obama has released an official statement in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Hashoah), vowing Monday to fight anti-Semitism worldwide.

"On this Yom HaShoah, I join people of all faiths in the United Sates, in the State of Israel, and around the world in remembering the six million Jews – innocent men, women and children – who were senselessly murdered during the Holocaust, as well as all the victims of Nazi brutality and violence," Obama stated. 

"Even as we mourn those whose lives were taken, this day also provides us with an opportunity to honor those who emerged from the darkness of the Shoah to rebuild their lives in new communities around the world." 

"On this Yom HaShoah, let us recommit ourselves to the task of remembrance, and to always oppose anti-Semitism wherever it takes root," he continued. "Together, we must give enduring meaning to the words 'Never Again.'"

The US recently experienced a violent anti-Semitic attack on its own soil, after former KKK member Frazier Glenn Cross brutally murdered three people outside Jewish community sites in Kansas earlier this month. Obama sharply condemned the "horrific" attack.

"Nobody should have to worry about their security when gathering with their fellow believers. No one should have to fear for their safety when they go to prayer," Obama said at the White House, a day after the shooting in Kansas.