Palestinian children play with toy guns
Palestinian children play with toy gunsFlash 90

Christy, an Arab resident of Bethlehem who was forced to flee to the UK following persecution over her sympathy to Israel, has gone public with her criticism of the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership.

Following an Al Jazeera interview with PA Chief Negotiator Saeb Erekat, in which Christy asked him from the audience whether he could impartially negotiate and was promised freedom of speech, transparency and women's rights in "Palestine," Christy decided to express her views of the situation at a Swedish university.

Video of the speech was published on YouTube, and as a result she in the UK and her family living under the PA have been threatened. In late April, Christy presented her case, and showed her speech again:

While speaking in Sweden, Christy noted that her house in Bethlehem was located near a holy place to the Jews, likely Rachel's Tomb, and described how during the intifada local Arabs would attack the site, shooting from near homes to put local Arabs in danger.

She added that "brainwashed" children were used in the confrontations with the IDF, and how families were given benefits to promote terrorism, noting that the PA recently pledged an additional $74 million to families of "martyrs."

This promotion of terror breaches the PA's promises to maintain public order and defend those living under it as pledged in the 1993 Oslo Accords, argued Christy.

Honest Reporting notes that Christy was interviewed on CBS's "60 Minutes" back in April 2012, in a show that presented a very unbalanced picture of the situation of Arab Christians in Israel.

Christy told Honest Reporting in 2013 that she was misrepresented in the program through selective editing, grossly misrepresenting her views on the security barrier and the situation of Arab Christians in Bethlehem.