Albert in his vineyard
Albert in his vineyardYitzhar

A police officer has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for overusing a taser on a detainee. According to the Tel Aviv District Court, Officer Sa'il An'im fired his taser on the suspect 24 times, sending him to the hospital.

A taser is generally used on those resisting arrest, but in the 2011 case, An'im is accused of using the taser on an individual who was already in custody. The suspect was ordered by the officer to exit the police van he was riding in, and with his hands handcuffed, An'im fired his taser at the suspect at least four times.

The suspect was then shoved back into the van, but An'im shot him another nine times during the ride to the station. Several of the shots were aimed at his head. He continued using the taser on the suspect when he was brought into an interrogation room.

In his decision, Justice Zvi Gurfinkel said that “there is no excuse for anyone to release his anger on someone else in an illegal manner, as occurred here. The accused used the suspect and made use of his uniform as a way to cover up his illegal act.”

Gurfinkel added that it would be wise for police to review the use of tasers, as the case showed that police had a very liberal attitude towards their use. The case was somewhat similar to that of Yitzhar resident Boaz Albert, who was also tased numerous times last August even though he was not resisting arrest. A video showed officers violently arresting him, in front of his wife and small children, who are seen crying hysterically as their father is shocked over and over.