Dr. Dore Gold
Dr. Dore Gold Flash 90

Dore Gold, who has been described as one of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's closest foreign policy advisors, called the reconciliation between Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA) “a game changer” in a CNN interview Wednesday.

Gold, who served in the past as advisor to Netanyahu and Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, and currently heads the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, has reportedly recently returned to serve as a part-time advisor to the Prime Minister.

Hamas, he said, “is recognized by the world as an international terrorist organization; by the European Union, by the United States, by Canada and many others. And [PA head] Mahmoud Abbas has been working very hard with Secretary of State John Kerry, as our Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has worked hard, and all of a sudden, it seems that in the last month, Abbas just simply does not want a negotiated solution.

“He said 'no' to President Obama. He said 'no' to even discussing with Israel in the future the possibility of them recognizing Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people – we're asked to recognize a Palestinian state – and now he turns to hug Hamas. He wants a deal with Hamas and doesn't want peace, and that's a tragic development.”

While the PA can “hire some suits” to talk about making peace, Hamas is “in the back room” controlling things, he explained.

Asked if the peace process is dead, Gold said it is still possible to revive the process, but only if Abbas pulls back from the deal with Hamas. "He cannot embrace Hamas and say that he's for peace with Israel. It's a contradiction in terms."

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