IDF jeep (illustrative)
IDF jeep (illustrative) Flash 90

Doctors say there has been considerable improvement in the condition of an IDF soldier who was severely wounded March 18 when an explosive charge was detonated near the jeep he was in, on the border with Syria. 

The incident occurred in the Golan Heights, near the village of Majdal Shams. The seriously injured soldier and three other soldiers who were classified as “moderately” hurt were airlifted by helicopter to Rambam Hospital.

The soldier was released from the hospital's Department of Neurosurgery on Pesach eve and was transferred to Beit Levinstein rehabilitation center in Ra'anana, where he will undergo a long rehabilitation process.

The soldiers are believed to have identified a suspicious figure and gotten off their jeeps, when the explosive was activated.

Prof. Menashe Zaaroor, Director of the Department of Neurosurgery at Rambam, told Israel Hayom newspaper that the soldier is suffering from “a very serious head injury” but the hospital staff, as well as the soldier and his family, “never gave up.”

"The first step was to stabilize him,” he explained, “and to proceed slowly, step by step, with the process of his recovery. After undergoing several operations, the injured soldier was no longer in danger and we are happy that he is leaving us for Beit Levinstein in stable condition. His condition has improved markedly and he has begun to respond to the instructions and requests of the medical team and his family.”

"He has a long and complicated process of rehabilitation ahead of him,” added the doctor, “but I am optimistic that with his family's great support and his wilpower he will continue to advance in his rate of recovery.”