Police force takes over yeshiva.
Police force takes over yeshiva.Judea, Samaria Police spokeswoman.

The Israel Police have stepped up their offensive against the community of Yitzhar in Samaria, which they consider as posing a threat to regional stability.

The latest step by police is the appointment of a special task force that will begin patroling inside Yitzhar, until further notice.

The step is not the first the police have taken against Yitzhar in recent days. Earlier, the yeshiva at Yitzhar was sealed off and occupied by the police, whom it will serve as a temporary base of operations.

Police explained that “the main purpose of the special task force is maintaining public safety and increasing security inside the community.”

Judea and Samaria District Commander, Major-General Kobi Cohen, appointed his deputy to examine the possibility of establishing a permanent police station at Yitzhar, starting immediately. “The station will eventually replace the special task force,” police sources noted.