Morsi supporters clash with riot police in Ca
Morsi supporters clash with riot police in CaReuters

The widow of Egypt’s former president recently blasted the United States’ policy towards Egypt, saying she was “sick and tired” of it.

Jehan Sadat, the widow of Anwar Sadat, said in a TV interview that the U.S. was trying to fragment Egypt, just like it fragmented Iraq and Syria. The interview aired on the Saudi-owned Egyptian MBC TV channel on February 17, and was translated and posted to YouTube on Thursday by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“The truth is that [Abdel Fattah] Al-Sisi saved Egypt... In fact, not just Egypt... He saved all the Arab countries,” said Sadat.

“The U.S. was about to fragment Egypt, just like it fragmented Iraq and Syria, and struck a blow against the Iraqi army, the Syrian army, and the other Arab armies – of Yemen, of Libya, and so on. The Egyptian army was next, because it was the only one remaining,” she charged.

“Let me tell you, seeing what the U.S. did in Egypt... After we were such good friends, the U.S. treats us like that, trying to fragment the Egyptian people and break down the Egyptian army... I am sick and tired of U.S. policy. I loathe it,” declared Sadat.

“I can’t believe that Obama would do what he is doing. It’s not just Obama. It’s a plot hatched years ago, but Obama is the one implementing it,” she claimed.

In October, three months after the Egyptian army ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, the United States announced it would cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Egypt over its displeasure with the military's pace of restoring democracy.

U.S. law forbids sending aid to countries where a democratic government was deposed by a military coup, though Washington has never qualified Morsi’s ouster as a "coup" and has been cautious about doing so, choosing only to condemn the violence in the country.

Late last month, Washington again threatened that U.S. aid to Egypt was in jeopardy after an Egyptian court sentenced 529 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to death.