Adele Biton
Adele BitonCourtesy of the Biton family

A Kfar Saba Magistrates Court ordered the Lowenstein Hospital in Ra'anana on Thursday not to evict Adele Biton, the three-year-old infant who suffered a critical head injury last March, when Arab terrorists threw rocks at her family's car as they were driving near Ariel in Samaria.

During the court discussion, Adva Biton, the toddler's mother, explained the course of events leading to her daughter's debilitating condition; she is still only partially conscious. Adele miraculously pulled through and survived despite life-threatening wounds, but aside from a few brief reprieves has remained hospitalized for recuperation.

Adva noted that the family home is still not wheelchair accessible or equipped with the specialized furniture Adelle will need. Only in the last few days did Bituach Leumi (National Insurance) finally approve a six-month-old claim from the family for government funding to make their home handicapped accessible; the process will take as long as four or five months.

The judge ruled against the hospital's request that Adele be removed immediately, deciding that Adele should stay hospitalized until a court session could be held with all involved parties. That session is expected to take place in early May.

Bed space needed for an empty ward?

The hospital reportedly wrote the family a letter on Tuesday, claiming Adelle had completed the rehabilitative process and received the maximum care for her condition, and that management needed to clear her bed for other patients. The Biton family was asked to leave the hospital by Wednesday at noon.

"The judge is invited to come to the children's ward of the hospital," stated Adva during the hearing, rejecting the letter's claims. "The ward is practically empty. It's heart-wrenching. I'm there every single day. It's already a year that I'm away from my workplace. I know all of the comings and goings of the ward."

Adva added that Adele is suppose to have a bone grafting operation on her head, and requested to have her stay at least until after the surgery.

"We ask for a few more months. We'll leave the ward; a long medical journey awaits us. This girls needs to have head surgery," remarked Adva. "She gets thrown off balance from a tiny fever, she gets hypothermia, infections. I should drag her home without the surgery? We ask that the surgery take place, and afterwards she'll come home."

"The country has lost human dignity"

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday, Adva responded to the hospital's requests that her daughter be immediately taken home, saying "we have tried and tried to engage in dialogue, but yesterday, [hospital staff] came to us at 7:30 am with a letter and instructed us to leave."

"This is inhumane," she continued. "The administration of the hospital, and the entire country, have lost all sense of human dignity." 

"[Former Prime Minister] Ariel Sharon was lying here for eight years for no reason and we all paid for it, and my daughter has made good progress," she stated. "Why can't they just give her time?"