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Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, said on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) bid to join 15 international conventions and treaties was ironic, given that the PA violates most of the clauses of the conventions to which it is applying.

Prosor, who spoke at the Jerusalem Post conference and was quoted by Army Radio, said that the PA wants to enjoy the privilege of being a member of the UN, but "they tend to forget the surprising concept that joining international treaties also includes obligations.”

Referring to the PA’s application to join the Geneva Convention, Prosor said sarcastically that he is sure that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas “will call for a condemnation of Hamas over its use of schools, mosques and hospitals for the purpose of murderous terrorist attacks, firing at Israeli civilians and using innocent civilians as human shields.”

Referring to children’s rights, Prosor noted that the PA trains young children to use violence and terrorism.

“There are reports indicating that the PA does nothing to stop the phenomena of child labor and child marriage," said the Israeli ambassador.

"Children learn from official textbooks that express incitement, play on sports teams named after murderers and watch TV shows that teach them that the Jews should be killed," he added.

In the context of women's rights and human rights, Prosor noted that, here too, the PA had some work to do, noting incidents of murders of women over family honor, alongside systematic discrimination against women.

"I remind Abbas that when he sends journalists to jail, he actually violates the International Covenant on Social and Political Rights," said Prosor. "If he will sign the convention, I'm afraid it's something he'll have to work on.”

Last week, Abbas requested to join 15 international agencies in breach of the conditions of the peace talks with Israel.

In response, Israel cancelled the fourth terrorist release "gesture" which had been put on hold last Saturday, due to the lack of progress in the talks and popular opposition to the move.

On Sunday, the head of the Shurat Hadin organization warned the PA it would lodge 'a tsunami' of criminal complaints against senior Palestinians with the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is based in The Hague.

Shurat Hadin noted that the PA has been threatening Israel with legal action at the ICC, but that once an entity joins the ICC, that court's powers can also be turned against it.

Just as the PA will be able to file charges against Israel, Israelis and non-Israelis who fell victim to Palestinian terror will be able to file charges against leaders of Hamas and Fatah, said the organization.

Earlier Sunday, Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett called for Israel to reciprocate the PA’s threats of turning to the ICC by bringing the PA to the Hague on charges of war crimes.

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