Firebomb at Hawara
Firebomb at HawaraScreenshot
Terrorists threw two firebombs at a Border Police jeep Sunday evening, as it traveled near Hawara, in Samaria.

No one was reported hurt. The firebombs struck the vehicle and exploded.

The Border Policemen immediately began a manhunt for the firebomb throwers. In the course of the search, one of the fighters identified a terrorist standing a few meters away from him with another fire bomb in his hand. The policeman called on the terrorist to desist and to throw away the firebomb. He also fired warning shots in the air.

The terrorist continued to try and light the firebomb's wick, and the Border Policeman fired at his lower extremities. He was hurt, received treatment from IDF medics and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment. 

A video that has made its way to Youtube claims to document the ambush. It was apparently shot by a terrorist who knew the ambush was planned, and was uploaded as part of the terrorists' propaganda effort. The video shows a terrorist throwing two firebombs at the the jeep, and the Border Policemen coming out of it and starting to chase after him.

The soundtrack and the grainy quality of the video indicate that it is not the original version, but a version taped off of a monitor while it was being screened elsewhere.

While the firebombs blow up impressively, a photo of the jeep released by the IDF indicates that actual damage to it was minimal.

Jeep after the attack IDF Spokesman